Wednesday, March 26, 2014

“Save Detroit” from Bankruptcy Means “Save Our Homes”
Moratorium NOW! Coalition demonstration on the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing during October 2008.

Our campaign to “Save Detroit—Save Our Homes” calls for a halt to the thousands of unjust foreclosures and evictions carried out by the banks for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Attached are photos of our delegation’s recent visits to the offices of Senator Stabenow, Congressman Conyers and Congressman Peters with the attached flyer and list of endorsers.

Obama’s appointment of a new director for Fannie/Freddie has opened the door to a dialogue about saving homes and changing policy to help Detroit homeowners. Nothing definite has yet come of these talks, and we need to mobilize continuing public support for keeping people in their homes. One way to do that is on:

Tuesday, April 1, 10am
Join the Rally and Mass Submission of Complaints to Kevin Orr's "Plan"
U.S. Federal Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette St, Detroit

Join the battle against the proposed bankruptcy settlement that earmarks millions for the same banks that trashed our economy and foreclosed on our neighborhoods. The banks owe us! Emergency Manager Orr’s “Plan of Adjustment” gives lip service to addressing “Blight “ in Detroit, while never addressing its causes-- predatory lending and the massive foreclosure and eviction rate since 2008-- or how to prevent it: halting the continued Fannie Mae, Bank and tax foreclosures of thousands of Detroiters.

For information on how to file a complaint, go to It’s easy. Join the rally April 1 even if you don’t file a complaint.

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