Thursday, March 27, 2014


Jonglei: Twic East Concerned Over Rebel Advance on Poktap and Payuel in Duk County
War damage done in Jonglei state during early months of 2014 in the Republic
of South Sudan.

March 26, 14 (JUBA) - Calm was reported in Twic East County but panic may be on rise following after reports that South Sudanese rebels are advancing to Poktap and Payuel villages of Duk County, according to officials from Twic East County headquarters of Panyagoor on Wednesday.

Duk Padiet in Duk County falls under rebel control on Tuesday when the rebels, overran a small force of SPLA and armed civilians from Duk and Twic counties, according to Sources who spoke to Sudan Tribune on Wednesday.

The commissioner of Twic East County, Dau Akoi told Sudan Tribune that there was calm in his county but added that “panic may build up in Twic East should rebels advance to Poktap and Duk Payuel".

"The security situation is now calm. NGOs are operating normally, daily businesses are going on, we hope that the army is going to control the situation in Duk", Akoi said.

Both the army and rebels have violated the ceasefire deal they signed on 23 January, five weeks after the conflict was triggered by clashes between rival elements of the army in the capital Juba.

The United Nations estimate that 708,900 have been displaced by the conflict. The International Crisis Group estimated some weeks ago the 10,000 people had been killed.

Commissioner Akoi said the civilians who remained in the villages in Duk county had finally fled to Twic East counties.

Soldiers from the South Sudanese army (SPLA) were seen leaving Panyagoor town on Wednesday heading towards Duk county to face rebel advance.

In a televised statement on South Sudan Television (SSTV) on Wednesday, a member of parliament representing Duk county in South Sudan assembly said the rebels were destroying the villages and killing civilians.

"Fourteen people were injured, and 29 others are missing, we still count them dead", said Philip Thon on SSTV.

The SPLA’s spokesman, Philip Aguer on the same programme accused the rebels of "consistent attacks" in Duk and other areas since February.

He added that the SPLA unit that was overrun by the rebels in Duk county was small.


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