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Detroit Says 'No Business As Usual' on May Day
Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, covering protests
outside federal bankruptcy court in Detroit on Dec. 3, 2013.
For Immediate Release

Media Advisory
Thursday May 1 (May Day)

Event: May Day (May 1), No Business as Usual
Gather: Hart Plaza at Noon, March Thru Downtown at 1:30
Contact: 313-680-5508, 671-3715
Co-Sponsor: Moratorium NOW! Coalition Along With 35 Other Organizations



Worldwide solidarity on May Day!

March to save workers, retirees, our communities, and our planet!

Thursday May 1 is International Workers' Day where people around the
world gather to demonstrate for the rights of those who create all
wealth within society. In Detroit we will honor May Day by calling for
a "Day of No Business As Usual," where workers will take to the
streets staying away from work in solidarity with the struggle against
the anti-worker, racist attacks being carried out on the City of

People in Detroit and around the country have only known cut-backs,
war, mass incarceration, and the destruction of our communities. The
overall unemployment rate in the city of Detroit is 49.1% and for
those under 30 years old it is 59%, and there is no change in sight.
We don’t have any illusions; bankruptcy, gentrification, and more
military occupations abroad aren't going to give us jobs, education,
and a decent place to live.

The state- appointed Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr, certainly does not
have our interests in mind. In the last year Detroit has spent $95
million on a handful of corporate “consultants” to move into the city
and come up with ideas to revitalize it. That is enough money to hire
3,000 people on a salary of $30,000 a year to do what these Wall
Street goons have never done a day in their lives: real work.

We are marching to demand the end of the parasitic and systematic
robbery of the city and its people. We demand an end to paying the
loan sharks of Wall Street who destroyed the city and who are now
demanding retirees’ pensions in the City’s bankruptcy.

We are also demanding an end to mass incarceration which makes a young
person of color more likely to be in prison than to be living above
the poverty line. We are demanding that the banks and federal
government fund programs to hire young people to begin the process of
revitalizing the city. We need people to repair the roads, to repair
homes, to rebuild the schools and medical facilities. The resources
exist, the money is there, and there are people who need the work!

• Removal of the racist, anti-democratic, anti-worker, pro-bank
Emergency Managers from Michigan cities and schools.
• Defeat of the "Plan of Adjustment" that destroys pensions and loots
city assets.
• Banks must pay for destroying Detroit neighborhoods and jobs.
• Full support for Public Education and termination of the failed
Education Achievement Authority. No to charter schools.
• NO tax giveaways to Illitch, Gilbert, and their ilk.
• Stop gentrification and the removal of poor and working people from Detroit.
• Restore and increase state revenue sharing.
• Jobs for all. With 60% Detroit youth unemployment -- Hire youth to
rebuild the neighborhoods.
• Money for People not for War. Stop U.S. intervention in Ukraine,
Syria, Africa and Venezuela.
• Moratorium on all Bank and Tax foreclosures, evictions, and utility
shutoffs for people. Housing and water are Human Rights!
• Public control of public spaces -- the "commons".
• No giveaway of public assets, including the Detroit Institute of
Arts (DIA), to corporations and private foundations.
• End the attacks on women's reproductive rights.
• Increase the minimum wage to $15/hr and end falling wages and
unequal two-tier pay schemes -- $7.45 is not enough.
• Stop the attacks on the LGBTQ community. Uphold marriage equality.
• Stop the attacks on communities and people of color.
• System change NOT climate change -- No to tar sands, fracking, pet coke.
• Stop deportations and attacks on immigrants and undocumented workers.
• Stop police brutality. No to racial profiling.
• Repeal "Right-to-Work".
• Overturn Public Act 436 and restore democracy.

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