Thursday, April 24, 2014

SAMWU in the Eastern Cape Supports the ANC in the Coming General Election
South African Municipal Workers Union during 2010 demonstration.
22 April 2014

As the South African Municipal Workers Union in the Eastern Cape we want to set the record straight, that in line with our congress resolution we will support the ANC in the coming elections. This is based on the fact that currently we do not see any organisation that could take the noble cause of the revolution forward.

Of course we have taken this position in line with the COSATU 2007 Central Committee decision that we are not giving the ANC Government a blank cheque. We have noted that the following crucial issues have not been taken forward, and until they are, we will not have the full confidence to campaign wholeheartedly for the ANC.

- Doing away with outsourcing and privatisation.
- Filling of vacant funded positions.
- Eradication of bucket system.
- Finalisation of job evaluation and wage curve.
- Full implementation of Freedom Charter in particular radical economic transformation including the nationalisation of key commanding heights of the economy.
- Doing away with E-Tolls.
- Banning of labour brokers.
- Settling the 20 Year Midrand Municipal Workers Dispute.
- Abolishing the Youth Wage Subsidy

We are saying clearly, that we intend to campaign for these issues to be resolved. We are not prepared to compromise on them, and unless they are properly addressed, we will critically evaluate our support for the ANC at the next national Congress of this Union, and within our Federation.

Issued by Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee of SAMWU. For more information Contact the EC Provincial Secretary Siphiwo Ndunyana on 0784040482

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