Friday, April 25, 2014

Zimbabwean Death Triggers Outrage Against Police
Zimbabwe mother collapses at son's burial. He was killed in an accident caused
by the police.
April 25, 2014
Herald Reporters

There was palpable public anger against the police at the burial of Tanatswa Neil Mutyora (4) at Granville Cemetery in Harare yesterday. Tanatswa was ran over and killed by a commuter omnibus driver fleeing police in the city centre on Wednesday.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral, and many lashed out at the police whom they accused of causing the boy’s death.

Tanatswa’s mother, Ms Leona Kiti, fainted as her son’s coffin was lowered into the grave. The father, Mr Cuthbert Mutyora, asked why the cop who was chasing the kombi was not being charged.

“I hear they are charging the kombi driver only. I am not going to accept that. They should release the driver if they do not want to charge the policeman he was fleeing from.

“I also hear that the girl who was with my son is also being told what to say by the police. I will stop her from attending the court sessions if that is how they want to treat the case,” he said.

He said police were lying that the cops were only passing by and yet they were pursuing the kombi that ran over his son.

Relatives said the owner of the commuter omnibus, a Mr Jinga, gave the family US$400 and groceries for the funeral.

Tanatswa’s sister-in-law, Ms Monica Chinengundu said the police were inconsiderate to the public when discharging their duties.

“I blame the police for Tanatswa’s death. Government must do more to protect members of the public,” she said.

The grandmother of the deceased, Mrs Mildred Kiti, echoed the same sentiments, adding that there were too many corrupt and lacked respect for civilians.

“It pains me that my grandson who was supposed to bury me is the one I am bidding farewell to. If police are having problems with omnibus drivers and conductors they should just take down their numbers and follow up with the kombi owners,” she said.

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