Thursday, April 28, 2016

Protect South Africa From Anarchists‚ Says Zuma at Official Freedom Day Celebrations in Limpopo
TMG Digital
27 April, 2016 13:46

President Jacob Zuma‚ in a Freedom Day message on Wednesday‚ called on the nation to safeguard the country against anarchists who were trying to undermine its hard-fought-for freedom and democracy through violence.

Speaking at Giyani in Limpopo‚ Zuma said that freedom had not come free. It had been hard fought for and many lives had been lost in attaining it.

“We therefore have the collective responsibility to defend it as South Africans with the same vigour as when we fought for it. We must unite and not allow anything to threaten the freedom and democracy we fought so hard for.

“This means we must stop actions that undermine our hard won freedom such as engaging in violence‚” he stated. “For example‚ when people are angry‚ there is no reason for them to burn factories as it happened in kwaSithebe in kwaZulu-Natal recently.

"How do we call for job creation and then burn the very factories that are supposed to provide jobs?

“Schools‚ trains‚ libraries‚ clinics are all built to provide services and a better life. We must guard and protect these facilities in our communities. It is shocking that some people destroy these facilities so easily‚” Zuma added.

He said such destructive elements should be reported to the police and that South Africans should work together to build better communities “where all guard jealously all facilities that are built to make our lives better”.

“People should protest peacefully and with dignity‚ in the democratic South Africa. We should isolate all those who promote violence and anarchy‚” the president said.

He added: “We know that some within our communities believe such violence will make them popular and try to use anarchy to build their political careers.

"Let us not allow this to happen in our name. We worked hard to build this country as millions of South Africans. It must not be destroyed by anarchists who have no interest in our well being.”

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