Thursday, April 21, 2016

Somalia President Reveals Re-election Bid
MOGADISHU, Somalia-Federal Government of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said, he is seeking second term in office in upcoming elections later this year, GaroweOnline reports.

Mohamud’s announcement comes two days after top UN diplomat Ambassador Michael Keating told the 15-member Security Council that electoral process remains vulnerable to spoilers.

Over a few weeks ago, Somalia political leaders agreed to a blueprint Keating called “a midway point between the election of 2012, when only 135 electors selected 275 Members of Parliament and 2020, when all Somalis will have a say.”

Somalia’s incumbent Mohamud who came into office with promise of ‘one person, one vote’ has argued in interview with VOA Somali Service that much has been accomplished in his six pillar policy that included stability, economic recovery, peace-building, service delivery, cooperative foreign policy, and unity.

“I stand for re-election... I will have own agendas again similar to six pillar policy strategy in which a lot has been achieved,” Somali President remarked in Washington where he delivered a speech, mainly on electoral transition and state building at United States Institute of Peace.

Mohamud’s bid for presidency in second tenure has surfaced earlier.

A two-tier structure composed of UN-backed national government and federal member states and interim regional administrations will steer an electoral college of thousands in upcoming parliamentary and presidential election and selection process.

“We call upon it to expedite endorsement of the model to allow timely implementation,” Mr. Keating said.

“I welcome the continued commitment by Somali leaders, in line with this Council’s expectations, that there will be no extension of constitutionally mandated term limits.”

On April 4, the northeastern State of Puntland backed down from opposition to return to traditional 4.5 power sharing formula.

Among the four-point agreement signed with huge diplomatic presence were modality for 2016 Electoral Process, Upper House, 2020 Roadmap, and monitored implementation of the deal.


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