Sunday, April 24, 2016

Russian Plane Loaded With Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Damascus
23 April، 2016

Damascus, SANA – A Russian Plane arrived in Damascus International airport on Saturday loaded with humanitarian aid from Russian people and government to enhance Syrians’ steadfastness in facing the terrorist war and the unjust economic embargo imposed on them by some Arab, Regional and world countries.

Director of Damascus sector at the Russian center for reconciliation Yuri Zrayev told reporters that the plane is loaded with humanitarian aid provided by Russian government and people Syrian people.

The aid, including various relief materials and children needs, will be delivered to a number of orphan houses and hundreds of crisis affected Syrians in al-Rehaibe town in Damascus countryside.

Russia used to provide and deliver big amounts of humanitarian aid to dozens of Syrian towns in different provinces in cooperation and coordination with sides concerned to guarantee the aid reached those who deserve it and not to fall in the hands of terrorists since the aid which International Organizations try to send mostly fall in the hands of terrorists.

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