Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DPRK Tradition of Self-reliance
The Chollima Steel Complex is well known as the home of Chollima. Sixty years ago the workers of the complex performed a miracle by turning out 120 000 tons of rolled steel from a blooming mill with a rated capacity of 60 000 tons. The national leader Kim Il Sung, who had visited the complex several times, inspected it again in September 1962, and grasped hands of the workers one by one, saying that the complex was the birthplace of Chollima. Its tradition of working miracles by its own efforts and technology is still being carried on today.

This year, like it did last year, the complex is increasing the production of quality narrow-gauged rails, round steel bars and square billets by modernizing the rolled steel production process. Song Myong Ho, chief engineer of the complex, said, “Like in the past, we are pushing ahead with the work to increase the production of iron and steel by dint of local raw and other materials and our own technology.”

The steel workshop, the backbone of the complex, took a proper measure to operate the transformer of furnace No. 4 and completed in a new way the anthracite-used tundish heating device. Now it is renovating the spraying nozzle of the secondary cooling zone. The undertaking has a very good prospect. Pak Il Sin, leader of the workshop, said that as they modernized the production processes and replaced the oxygen plant with a new one in keeping with the actual reality, they could cut the melting time per charge at the refining furnace and double the steel production while saving much energy. He went on to say that in the course of this they came to have firmer confidence that self-reliance and self-development are the best choice.

The wire rod heating furnace is also the fruit of the workers’ effort. This furnace, which is based on high-temperature air combustion technology, does not need heavy oil at all while using domestic materials in production. Ji Jong Ho, senior engineer of the steel workshop, said, “We buckled down to the research to find a new fireproof material with the determination to do it by ourselves. Of course, it was a difficult job as we had to find a new material by using different ores available in our country.

But our technicians and workers’ painstaking efforts bore fruit at last.” He continued to say that the usage of the new fireproof materials makes it possible to save time and labour and that the materials can be used for any heating furnace. He also added that the low production cost and the high quality of the material resulted in the increased steel production.

The sci-tech learning space plays an important role in the campaign. It has established an intranet connected with the Sci-Tech Complex, the Grand People’s Study House and the Kim Chaek University of Technology and is disseminating science and technology to its technicians and workers.

The online college of the complex enables its employees to receive online lectures given by the Kim Chaek University of Technology, and 13 workers got the diploma of the college in 2015 for the first time and three of them won academic degrees.

Scores of its employees have so far graduated from the online college, and they are playing leading roles in modernizing the complex.

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