Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mozambique: Nyusi Completes Defense and Security Reshuffle
Mozambique Information Agency (AIM)

Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday appointed Lazaro Menete, formerly commander of the army, as the new Chief of Staff of the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM).

Menete replaces Graca Chongo who was relieved of his duties on Tuesday. Although no reason was given, Chongo is known to be in poor health.

Nyusi also promoted Menete from the rank of Rear-Admiral to that of General of the Army. Prior to commanding the army, Menete was commander of the Mozambican navy.

The deputy chief of staff of the FADM remains Maj-Gen Raul Dique, one of the senior FADM officers who came from the ranks of the rebel movement Renamo at the time of the creation of the FADM in 1994, out of volunteers from both the old government army, the FAM/FPLM, and from Renamo.

Nyusi appointed Bernardino Rafael, formerly head of the Maputo City Police Command as the new General Commander of the Mozambican police force (PRM), and promoted him to the rank of General Inspector.

He takes over from Julio dos Santos Jane, who on Tuesday was appointed General Director of the State Intelligence and Security Service (SISE), replacing Lagos Lidimo, who is believed to be seriously ill.

Timoteo Bernardo, promoted to the rank of police commissioner, becomes the new Deputy Commander of the PRM. Bernardo, formerly head of the Manica provincial police command, replaces Jose Weng San, who died of a lengthy illness last week.

Nyusi promoted Brigadier Ezequiel Muianga to the rank of Major-General and appointed him the new commander of the army. Muianga is a former chief of staff of the Presidential Guard.

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