Thursday, October 19, 2017

Togo: Four Killed in Clashes Over Religious Leader's Arrest
JERRY BAMBI   18/10 - 11:09

Togo officials say four people, including two soldiers, have been killed in clashes after the arrest of a religious leader close to an opposition politician on Monday evening.

The government said Tuesday that paramilitary forces arrested Mohamed Alassane Djobo on charges of preaching violence and hatred against the military.

Djobo is associated with opposition politician Tikpi Atchadam who has led protests calling for presidential term limits.

The government said protesters in the central Togo cities of Sokode and Bafilo erected street barricades and set fire to the ruling party headquarters

and the homes of government officials. Opposition coalition members alleged ruling party supporters retaliated by burning down the headquarters for

Atchadam’s party in Lome.

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