Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Operation of Advance Into the Homeland by a Large Unit
In the middle of 1937 a large unit of the KPRA advanced into the homeland under the command of Kim Il Sung, dealing a heavy political and military blow to the Japanese imperialists.

In this period they won victories in such battles as those of Pochonbo, Kouyushuishan and Jiansanfeng. Thus they shattered the myth of the “matchless imperial Japanese army” and demonstrated the might of the KPRA, fully convincing the Korean people that they would emerge victorious if they fought against the Japanese aggressors.

Major Military Operations during the Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle

Noteworthy in the history of the anti-Japanese armed struggle are the military operations whose main form was guerrilla warfare.

Typical examples include battles in defence of guerrilla bases, operation of advance to a vast area, operation of advance to the Mt Paektu area, operation of advance into the homeland centred on the Battle of Pochonbo, Arduous March, operation of advance into the Musan area, small-unit actions and operation for final offensive.

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