Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Invincible Power
The DPRK is an invincible power—this is not only the voice of the world progressives but also the opinion of the western media.

A military publication of the UK carried an article under the title of a military power ready for an all-out war with an empire. It said: there are some military powers with armed equipment that can stand comparison with the powerful military force of the US. But, when viewed from the will to go to war against the US, the DPRK is quite strong beyond comparison with other military powers. In case the US launches a pre-emptive strike, a real power which can win in an all-out war against it will surely be the DPRK.

Any country cannot display the dignity and honour of a real power or an invincible power. Only Juche Korea, which emerges victorious in the fighting against the superpower running amuck to dominate the whole world, can exalt the prestige and honour as such.

Today the DPRK is fully demonstrating the dignity of a world-class power under the leadership of its outstanding leader.

The greatness of a country and a nation is decided by the greatness of its leader, not by the size of its territory, the number of its population and the ICBM.

Looking back upon its past, Korea was deprived of its name and territory by foreign aggressors for its weak national strength in the early 20th century.

But, today, it has developed into a world-class power under the wise leadership of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. After its liberation from the Japanese military rule in August 1945, it performed the historic miracle of defeating with rifles the US imperialists armed with A-bombs and achieved the great historic cause of possessing nukes while winning victory after victory in the fierce anti-US showdown. Its history and reality clearly prove that any small and backward country can be developed into a dignified nation if it has a great leader and a great party.

Today, the DPRK has attained the status of a world-class power possessed of H-bomb and ICBM under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Its people are hardening their resolve to step up the building of a socialist power in faithful support of his leadership.

The US and its vassal forces are resorting to inhumane sanctions and unprecedented military threats and blackmail against the DPRK while crying out for a “maximum pressure.” But, they can never dishearten the Korean people who are waging a vigorous struggle for hastening the final victory of building a socialist power, closely rallied behind their leader.

An Egyptian newspaper wrote the DPRK has always emerged victorious in the showdown with the US-led hostile forces and that the law taught by its victories shows that the army and people led by the great leader will surely win.

The DPRK will further exalt its dignity and honour as the invincible socialist power under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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