Monday, November 27, 2017

US Urged to Stop Nuclear Threat to DPRK
The US has gone mischievous nowadays to stop the DPRK from making advance as the nuclear force of Juche Korea has almost reached the phase of completion.

As the DPRK's action for completing its state nuclear force is becoming a fait accompli, the Trump group is floating the story of "nuclear attack" on the DPRK, trying to make it sound plausible.

By putting forward those soldiers who retired from service of the nuclear force, the US is opening to the public every procedure for executing the nuclear attack. The group is getting vocal that "President Trump would choose a plan already existing on table when he sees it as a moment to use a nuclear weapon against north Korea" and that "it is almost impossible to stop the decision".

Meanwhile, the US is setting afloat information that it is making actual preparations for a nuclear war against the DPRK as evidenced by the report about the August nuclear bombing drill targeting the DPRK which B-52 of its air force conducted with Japan Air "Self-Defense Force" in the areas around the Korean peninsula.

Such movement of the Trump group is aimed to pressurize the DPRK from taking a measure for completing the building of the nuclear force at the final phase.

In conclusion, the US had better clearly understand who its rival is.

If the US is finally going to inflict a nuclear war on the DPRK, by finding fault with the latter's self-defensive measure for completing the national nuclear force, the DPRK will not hesitate to respond to it with the nuclear attack to wipe out the US, empire of evil, from the earth.

It seems that the US has lingering attachment for the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s. It will be a grave miscalculation for the US to think that it can revive the Cuban Missile Crisis on the Korean peninsula and bring down the DPRK.

The Korean peninsula is not the Caribbean region and the Korean People's Army is not such a weak one who would put down its nuclear weapon at the nuclear threat and blackmail of the US. The KPA is the invincible and ever-victorious powerful army full of the spirit of annihilating enemies.

The KPA is a heroic army which wrested surrender documents from the US without nuclear weapons in all forms of confrontation with the US, including the 1968 Pueblo and the 1976 Panmunjom incidents.

No force on the earth can bring into submission the DPRK whose leader, army and people have formed a harmonious whole and it is the truth proven by the history of the DPRK-US stand-off that the DPRK will always emerge victorious.

The DPRK is a dignified nuclear power and a world-level military power.

Gone are the days never to return when the US used to threaten the DPRK with its nuclear weapons.

Trump had better ponder over the saying that "Give measure for measure".


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