Tuesday, November 28, 2017

American Empire a ‘Beggar’
It is unseemly for the US to beg everyone to jump on the anti-DPRK sanctions bandwagon.

Addressing a meeting of foreign ministers from over 30 African countries on trade and security on November 17, US Secretary of State Tillerson asked them to downgrade diplomatic relations and cut off economic relations with the DPRK so as to isolate the country, adding he “wants to stress bigger support from African partners”.

Having begged any country, big or small and Asian or European, for joining in the anti-DPRK sanctions campaign, the US is now looking to African nations which it has regarded only as the target of aggression and plunder.

It bears resemblance to a beggar.

Such disgraceful begging is testimony to the US’ defeat in the decades-long nuclear showdown with the DPRK.

Though the “sole superpower” has shipped large quantities of military hardware into the Korean peninsula and persistently clung to heinous sanctions, the DPRK has neither knelt down before it nor lost courage but has pressed on with a socialist powerful nation building by dint of single-mindedness under the banner of independence and self-development-first principle.

There will be no change even though the US goes begging around African countries for anti-DPRK sanctions.

The American “beggar” can never check the advance of socialist Korea however hard it may try.

By Kim Rye Yong PT

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