Friday, November 24, 2017

Tunisian MPs Condemn Arab League Anti-Iran Statement
By Brecht Jonkers

The Arab League met on November 19, 2017 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. (Photo by AFP)

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (01:00 AM) – A number of members of parliament in Tunisia have signed an official condemnation of recent statements by the Arab League against Iran and Hezbollah, and have urged their government to withdraw all support to the motion.

At an Arab League meeting held in Cairo last Sunday, representatives from Saudi Arabia launched a discussion on how to “confront” Iran and Lebanese political movement Hezbollah. In a final statement, the League accused Tehran of “interfering” in the affairs of Arab nations and branded Hezbollah a “terrorist organisation”.

Over 41 Tunisian lawmakers have now condemned the results of this meeting, pleading with the government in Tunis to withdraw all support for the Arab League statement. The condemnation reads “We, the signatories, decisively condemn what has been featured in the statement by the Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting, including the accusations againsy Hezbollah and whatever effort at igniting flames of a new war against the people of this nation (Lebanon).”

Mubarakah al-Brahim, member of parliament for the Popular Front of Tunisia, called the Arab League statement “a stain on the forehead of the revolutionary Tunis, and betrayal of the blood of the revolution’s martyrs.”

Earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a similar condemnation of the Arab League, calling the organisation “worthless” and “full of lies and distortion”.

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