Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mass Protest in Northeast Morocco After Two Die in Coal Mine
Several thousand people gather for second day in a row in Jerada to denounce harsh living conditions.
Middle East Online

People shout slogans during a protest after two miners died while working in a clandestine coal mine, in Jerada

RABAT - Thousands of people protested in northeast Morocco on Monday against economic marginalisation after two young men died while digging in an abandoned coal mine.

The deaths on Friday of the two brothers, aged 23 and 30, sparked a wave of anger in the city of Jerada, according to Moroccan media.

On Monday several thousand people gathered for a second day in a row to denounce harsh living conditions, Said Zeroual of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights said.

"The whole city is observing a general strike" in solidarity, he added.

The demonstrators have adopted the slogans of the Al-Hirak al-Shaabi movement that staged a string of protests this year in the neighbouring Rif region.

Jerada, long dependent on mining, suffered a major blow in the late 1990s with the closure of a coal pit that employed 9,000 people

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