Thursday, December 28, 2017

SACP Message of Support to the ANC on the Occasion of its 54th National Conference
The South African Communist Party salutes the delegates to this historic 54th National Conference of our strategic ally, the African National Congress. The alliance between the SACP and the ANC has been forged in decades of unbroken struggle. It has been bonded in the blood of our shared martyrs.

In saluting the delegates to this Conference we trust that you appreciate that the future of the ANC, the future of our Alliance, and therefore the prospects for the sustained advance, deepening and defence of our national democratic revolution lie, in many respects, in your hands over the next few days. In so many ways, our movement and our country are at cross-roads.

We cannot over-state the importance of this Conference and your collective responsibilities to our country and our people, especially the majority working class and poor.

The SACP reaffirms the strategic importance of the Alliance. It is no secret that over the recent period the effectiveness of the Alliance has declined and the ability of the ANC to provide unifying and strategic leadership to our Alliance has diminished. Organisational renewal and the strategic reconfiguration of the Alliance are imperative, if we are to collectively achieve our historical mission of carrying forward a second radical phase of the national democratic revolution. The importance of our shared revolutionary principles, including democratic consensus-seeking consultation with each other in the alliance and with the motive forces of the revolution, the working class, the under-employed and the unemployed, the millions of urban and rural poor must be stressed. Accountability of both elected and deployed leaders and officials cannot be overemphasised.

The 54th National Conference of the ANC has the potential to impact on the future viability of our Alliance. The SACP does therefore have some basic and principled expectations of the Conference. In wishing delegates and leadership to the Conference well, we urge you to agree on policies and a leadership collective that will move the ANC out of the current trend of decline.

The Alliance, and indeed our country, require ANC policies and a leadership collective that is finally prepared to lead decisively not just in words but in action:

the struggle against corporate capture of the state, other forms of corruption, and the general decline suffered by our hard-won revolutionary moral high ground;
support for the criminal prosecution of those involved in corruption and other forms of malfeasance in our state, without fear or favour;
the determined advance of the second radical phase of our national democratic revolution to systemically eliminate the legacy of colonialism, patriarchy and imperialist exploitation, by addressing the structural crises of persisting high levels of monopoly capitalist concentration and the continued reproduction of apartheid geography by the private property market.

The 54th National Conference of the ANC is therefore not only about the ANC and the Alliance and its future. It is certainly about the future of the national democratic revolution, the people as a whole and the African Revolution. What happens in South Africa to the ANC and the Alliance will, for better or for worse, reverberate on the whole of the African continent.



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