Friday, December 29, 2017

Most People-oriented Constitution
December 27 is the Day of the DPRK Socialist Constitution.

The Constitution is the most people-oriented one in the world as it thoroughly embodies the people-first principle, which is the fundamental ideal of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State building, the basis of all lines and policies and the starting-point of State activities.

The character, duty and mission of the State and all the principles of its activities stipulated in the Constitution are set and unfolded to meet the interests of the people by giving prominence to them.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the country which was founded in accordance with the general will of all the Korean people and truthfully defends their interests.

The Constitution stipulates that the State was selected independently and built by the working people themselves in conformity with the demands and desire of all the Korean people and in keeping with the historical conditions of the country and the national characteristics, and is operated in accordance with their will and demands. It also stipulates that the State, guided by the immortal Juche idea, implements to the letter the revolutionary line of independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence in all fields of its activities and is based on powerful political, economic and military foundations to reliably guarantee the sovereignty of the country.

It stipulates that the social system of the DPRK is a people-centred system in which the working people are the masters of everything and everything of society serves them. Accordingly, all State activities are orientated to steadily improving their material and cultural living standards and the material wealth of society is used entirely to promoting their well-being. The State mobilizes all its authorities and powers to provide people with conditions and environment necessary for their independent and creative life and protects them to live peacefully, free from all sorts of restrictions and infringement.

The Constitution grants people with genuine freedom and rights and guarantees all conditions to substantiate them.

It stipulates that the State shall effectively guarantee the genuine democratic rights and freedom and material and cultural well-being of all its citizens.

The DPRK provides the working people with all conditions so that they thoroughly exercise their constitutional rights and freedom, with the result that they are leading independent and creative life to their heart’s content with equal rights in all fields of State and public activities, including politics, the economy and culture. Under the care of the State, everyone takes part in the exercise of national sovereignty and the government administration with an equal right and leads a valuable political life in a certain political organization. The State takes care of the people’s living on its responsibility and enforces such various people-oriented policies as the free education and free medical care so that the people work and learn to their heart’s content and lead revolutionary and optimistic life. Even though everything is in short supply, the WPK and the State are concentrating all efforts on stabilizing the people’s life with primary attention to their livelihood and dynamically stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country in order to make them live well off without anything to envy in the world in the near future.

As it has the most people-oriented constitution which enables the popular masses to become dignified masters of the State and society and perform their duty as such, the DPRK will shine more brilliantly as the country of people in which their welfare comes into fuller bloom.

Ph.D. Hong Chol Hwa,

Director of Law Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences

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