Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Japan Should Face Up to Trend of Times
Japan is recklessly going against the trend of the times.

Kono, foreign minister of Japan, again talked rubbish that Japan would "put maximum pressure on the DPRK." He had once come under public criticism for his offending remarks about the DPRK's "preparations for a nuclear test" in March when exchanges were brisk between the north and the south of Korea for dialogue.

His voice just sounds like grumbling of a dwarf politician going mischievous, ignorant of where he is standing.

It seems that Japan stills lacks the power of reason and is unaware of what's going on.

International efforts for promoting mutual respect and trust and achieving co-prosperity are getting brisk among countries worldwide.

Notably, there are bold moves to dispel misunderstanding and hostility in the Korean peninsula and the region thanks to the active efforts of the DPRK.

It is annoying that some forces are hindering the positive development, but the DPRK has invariably taken bold measures. The measures are hailed by the international community as they help the positive development of the situation.

What matters against this backdrop is the ill purpose sought by Japan offending the world public in disregard of this situation, being displeased with it.

Japan seeks to bring the situation back to the state of confrontation to divert public attention at home away from its bankrupt policy toward people's living and high-profile graft and to invent a pretext for turning Japan into a militarist country and carrying out overseas expansion.

Japan likes to wreck peace and break stability as it deems it a good chance for carrying out its ultra-right home and foreign policies. So it is quite natural that its policy invites the public denunciation.

Reactionaries of Japan are rejected and alienated worldwide, far from "demonstrating their status," due to the reckless hard-line policy toward the DPRK.

For example, their offer to include a paragraph calling for pressurizing the DPRK in the final document at a recent international meeting held in Tokyo was rejected.

Even in a Mideast country they think share a view with, their offer to put pressure on the DPRK got a frosty reply. In a nutshell, what Japan got for its politics was something unprecedented in the history of its diplomacy and something utterly humiliating in the light of etiquette.

Japan's short-sighted attitude toward the developing situation and the times is just the main reason for its disgrace and humiliation.

Japan should behave with reason, facing up to the trend of the times.

The trend of "passing Japan" will get stronger if the reactionaries of Japan persist in tongue-lashing against the DPRK.

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