Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Northern Nuclear Test Ground Dismantled
The northern nuclear test ground of the DPRK has completely been dismantled according to the decision of the Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

After the publication of the decision on dismantling the nuclear test ground at the April plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee, the DPRK Nuclear Weapons Institute and relevant institutions immediately stopped all preparations and projects related to nuclear tests and have conducted phased dismantlement.

The tunnels and all kinds of equipment, information communications and power systems, and construction and operation equipment that had been installed at the observation and control centres and research institute of the test ground were dismantled and removed.

An event took place on May 24 to dismantle the nuclear test ground.

The dismantlement was covered by journalists from China, Russia, the US, Britain and south Korea on the spot.

After being briefed on the method and order of dismantlement of the test ground, members of the international press corps looked round the tunnels, in which nuclear tests had been carried out, as well as the ones which were ready for immediately conducting safe and powerful nuclear tests, and the observation centres.

The work of collapsing all the tunnels in the way of explosion, blocking their entrances and exploding all ground structures including the observation centres was carried out transparently in order.

After the explosion, a statement of the DPRK Nuclear Weapons Institute was issued on the spot.

The statement said that there was a ceremony of completely dismantling the northern nuclear test ground on May 24 2018 to transparently guarantee the discontinuation of nuclear tests, and it was confirmed that there were neither leakage of radiation nor any negative impact on the surrounding ecological environment.

“The dismantling of the nuclear test ground in high transparency has clearly proved once again the proactive and peace-loving efforts of the DPRK government working for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

“The discontinuation of nuclear test is an important process for global nuclear disarmament, and the DPRK will closely work together with the world’s peace-loving people to build a new independent world, nuclear-free and peaceful, where the dreams and ideals of humankind are realized,” the statement noted.

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