Saturday, August 31, 2019

Chaos in Pretoria as Taxi Drivers Protest Murder of Colleague
28/08 - 15:33

Reports coming out of South Africa show chaos in Pretoria as protests by taxi drivers to decry murder of fellow driver turn chaotic.

According to News 24 the taxi found people believed to be police officers allegedly selling drugs. Shots were fired leading to the death of the taxi driver. Angry taxi operators took to the streets and blocked them roads to deal with the drug peddlers.

“A shooting which resulted in the death of a taxi driver is reported to have incited the riots, which led to two A Re Yeng buses, three Tshwane Bus Service (TBS) buses, a Gautrain bus and two trucks being utilised to blockade the roads. A Re Yeng and TBS operations were halted for the rest of the day in the interest of safety,” Tshwane Transport MMC Sheila Senkubuge is quotedto say.

Several foreign owned shops have been looted in the Pretoria city centre on Wednesday by the angry protesters. Allegedly claiming that the taxi driver was trying to stop the peddler from selling drugs to a potential buyer.

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