Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Japan Urged to Drop Bad Habit of Faulting Others and Redress Past Crimes
"Specified missing persons", who were suspected "to have been abducted by north Korea," have been found one after another in Japan.

The police of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan recently announced that a man in his seventies who had gone missing in 1974 was found and that the findings ruled out the possibility of being abducted.

The man who, Japan asserted, had been "abducted" by the DPRK was found to live in his own country for decades, which leaves no excuses for Japan to defend itself.

It clearly shows once again that "the issue of Japanese abducted by north Korea" much touted by Japan was an absurd make-up.

It comes to be another occasion to vividly expose the sinister intention of Japan persisting in the already worn-out "abduction issue", bringing a disgrace on Japan drawing the international community's ridicule.

The "abduction issue" is one of the most flagrant means exploited by the Japanese reactionaries to stifle the DPRK.

It is a stereotyped trick of Japan to groundlessly connect suicides and missing persons, inevitable products of its social evils, with the DPRK and spread "rumors about suspicion of abduction by north Korea."

Years ago, a member of the House of Representatives of Japan was so angry with the Japanese team's defeat in a World Cup qualifier against the DPRK team to say that if Japan had won, the Japanese players would have been abducted and that the coach did much for preventing the abduction. Such reckless remarks show the absurdity of Japan's clamour for "abduction".

The Abe group has become all the more desperate in the "abduction issue" campaign with each passing day.

Setting "the settlement of abduction issue as its most important task," the Abe group is concentrating all the efforts of the government, the Diet and non-governmental organizations on it and, at the same time, is going to internationalize and politicize it.

The Japanese reactionaries tried to put the "abduction issue" on the DPRK-US negotiating table, which was snubbed only. Their despicable behaviour is a manifestation of the cunning nature of islanders who are accustomed to care only for their own interests by pulling up others.

Japan's cheat never works on anyone.

Clear is the aim sought by the Japanese authorities in misleading the world public opinion with the already settled "abduction issue".

It is their sinister intention to defame the dignified DPRK by branding it as a "terrorist state", act the part of "victim" in the eyes of the international community and thus get rid of the responsibility for the past crimes.

As acknowledged by the international community, the unethical crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the last century are the heinous ones to which no statute of limitations is applicable.

In particular, the hideous abduction of Koreans by Japan can never be buried in oblivion.

Japan must clearly understand that the liquidation of the past is its unavoidable responsibility.

Japan's desperate efforts to cover up its past crimes with the deceptive "abduction" farce will only double the will of the Korean people to settle accounts with it.

Japan had better abandon its bad habit of faulting others and properly liquidate its dirty past.


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