Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Defender of Socialist Cause
Chairman Kim Jong Il’s visit to Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army on August 25, Juche 49 (1960) was a significant event that proclaimed the start of his Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

From that meaningful day until the last days of his life, he defended his country and people and socialism and ushered in a new era of building a powerful nation under the uplifted banner of Songun.

Having made it his lifelong mission to carry through President Kim Il Sung’s idea of giving priority to arms, he, with a deep insight into the demands of the rapidly-changing era and the developing revolution, formulated the Songun idea in an all round way through his energetic ideological and theoretical activities. He also established a system of state administration in which national defence is given priority, which embodied the theories and principles of the Songun revolution, and reorganized and readjusted all fields in line with the requirements of Songun, thereby providing a sure political and institutional guarantee for realizing the cause of Songun.

The harsher the trials facing the Korean revolution were, the more he placed the Korean People’s Army in the vanguard as the main force and buttress of the revolution, and wisely led all the Korean people in the struggle to firmly defend socialism.

He inspected the Dwarf Pine Post in the mid-1990s when the imperialists went to extremes in their attempts to isolate and stifle the DPRK. This constituted the declaration of his steadfast will to firmly grasp the arms and invariably follow the road of Songun until the days when the revolution would win final victory.

He gave ceaseless on-site guidance to KPA units including those over Chol Pass, on Mt Osong, Cho Island and in Panmunjom, and shattered the enemies’ moves to start a war against the DPRK at every step through his matchless courage and mettle, ever-victorious strategies and tactics.

He in his field wear visited wherever there were his soldiers even in the face of biting cold in midwinter and scorching weather in midsummer, taking good care of their combat and political training as well as living conditions and cultural and leisure activities.

Thanks to his energetic leadership, the KPA developed into a powerful army in which the unified command system of the Workers’ Party of Korea was thoroughly established and which is armed fully with the spirit of the defending the leader to the death and the spirit of implementing his instructions whatever the cost.

The Chairman’s unshakeable faith and painstaking, patriotic efforts to increase the country’s defence capabilities without any delay whatever the harsh trials and difficulties and whatever the cost bore good results; the DPRK’s defence industry developed into an industry that can readily manufacture any modern and powerful military hardware capable of destroying the enemies at a stroke.

Kim Jong Il ushered in a new era of building a powerful socialist nation and laid lasting foundations for its implementation on the strength of Songun.

Having unfolded during the days of the Arduous March and forced march a grand plan for building the best country in the world, one with great national strength that is ever-prospering and whose people are living happily without envying anyone in the world, he put forward the People’s Army at the forefront of creating miraculous achievements and wisely led all the people in their effort to bring about great leaps and great innovations on all the fronts of socialist construction by emulating the revolutionary soldier spirit.

The Kanggye spirit was created, the torch of Songgang was kindled and the hot wind of the revolutionary upsurges swept across the country—all these remarkable achievements are ascribable to the Chairman’s continued forced march of field guidance with super-human energy. Amid the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century flaring up, breakthroughs were made for the era of the knowledge economy, modern production bases mushroomed and signal successes were achieved in succession including the manufacture and launch of artificial satellites. The land across the country was realigned as befits socialist Korea, invaluable assets for improving the people’s living standards were created and model works representative of socialist culture were created in large numbers.

In this way, he corroborated the truth that socialism can surely be defended and advanced victoriously in any adversity by relying on the force of arms through his Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

The Korean people significantly celebrate August 25 as the Day of Songun.

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