Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Japan’s Military Moves Will End Up In Ruin
The Japan Defence Ministry announced recently that it officially decided to introduce F-35B to the air "Self-defence Force".

This reckless act is aimed at turning the country into a military power and realizing its overseas expansion at any cost by bolstering the attack ability of the SDF.

The introduction of the fighter also aims at the operation of carrier-level Izmo escort ship.

Military experts comment that the combination of F-35B with an attack landing ship will help the fleet acquire a "qualitative surge" in attack capability, contending that their overall combat power will be no less than a US carrier equipped with F/A-18E/F.

Japan armed the air SDF with the state-of-the art fighter and made the naval SDF's possession of a carrier a fait accompli. This shows the true colours of Japan as an aggressor country which has thrown off its mask of "exclusive defence" that had been so far kept for mere form's sake.

Japan is rushing headlong into a war state to inflict disaster on humankind again, indifferent to the trend of regional situation.

Under the excuse of coping with "threats" from someone, the Abe group has increased the military spending to hit the historical high for seven consecutive years and recently announced that it would include the record of over 5 300 billion yen to the estimated budget for the next year.

By setting up a "space operational force" with a basic mission of constantly monitoring space and an electronic warfare unit in the ground SDF, Japan intends to expand the military operational theatre of the SDF to space and cyber space, to say nothing of the sky, the land and the sea.

Today, the SDF have turned into aggressor forces capable of fighting a war at any time in any place beyond the boundary of the archipelago.

It is the invariable ambition of the Abe group to retake the status of former colonial power with samurai descendents overheated with reinvasion aboard carriers equipped with preemptive attack capabilities under the fluttering "flag of a rising sun shedding rays" as the Japanese imperialists did in the last century.

Too much obsession with ambition will lead to ruin.

It is a lesson taught by the shameful defeat of Japan that defiance of people's warnings, greed for aggression and reckless frenzy will bring only miserable ruin.

Not only the Asian people who underwent pain and misfortune at the hands of the Japanese imperialists in the past but also the international community will never remain an onlooker to Japan's moves for becoming a military power and the unrestricted overseas advance of the SDF.

Japan is well advised not to forget that its push for becoming a war state will end up in the ruin of the island country.


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