Thursday, January 23, 2020

Conference for Reviewing Work in Agricultural Field in 2019 Held
The conference for reviewing the work in the agricultural field in 2019 closed on Jan. 19.

Many officials, agricultural workers and scientists made speeches at the three-day meeting.

The speakers analysed and reviewed their work by focusing on positively exchanging and sharing the experience of having reaped a good harvest on the agricultural front which achieved the greatest success even under the worst conditions and on tapping many reserves favourable for increased production.

They referred to the fact that they chose the pressing problems as subjects of scientific research and conducted research into seed breeding in combination with that into cultivation technology so as to breed good strains of seed for high and stable crop yields in various forms of cultivation and under different weather conditions.

They said that they boldly introduced advanced high-yielding farming methods and produced organic fertilizers to make a practical contribution to farming and thus increasing grain output and proving the advantages and vitality of scientific farming.

The dissemination of agricultural science and technology serves as a powerful driving force for scientific farming today when innovative achievements are being made one after another in agricultural production of the country, they said, noting that they recorded successes conducive to the country's agricultural development by disseminating agricultural science and technology in a scientific and profitable way.

They said with great pride that they solved everything in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and on the strength of science and technology, turned their farm machine stations into arsenals for the agricultural front and devoted themselves to farming to uphold their honour of being rural mechanization workers and fulfil their duties.

They said that they implemented in a do-or-die spirit the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea on establishing the production cycle combining cereals farming and animal husbandry and its double-cropping policy and harvested a good crop in sterile fields susceptible to serious damage from cold weather by doing all farm work properly.

The shortcomings of some officials and units were analysed and reviewed at the meeting.

Speakers expressed their determination to defend the Korean revolution and socialism with rice by intensifying the drive to gather good crops.


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