Thursday, January 23, 2020

Everything Possible Tapped to Increase Production
The Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex has exceeded its daily electricity production plans since the beginning of the new year.

“We set an ambitious goal for revitalizing production this year by making effective use of the production foundations, which have already been maintained and reinforced, in hearty response to the call of the Party Central Committee that appealed for the offensive for a frontal breakthrough,” said chief engineer Mun Hak Chol.

According to him, last year the complex recycled white soot from the waste from boilers to develop a hollow ash insulating brick production method and find out heat-preserving methods and, on that basis, set up an insulating brick production base and applied it to all boilers, raising the combustion efficiency of all boilers.

It also conceived and introduced an idea conducive to increasing the output of boilers by evenly supplying dust coal to coal feeders, which helped increase steam output per hour to 10 tons and boost annual power generation.

“We rebuilt former heating and heat treating furnaces with insulating bricks and introduced the furnace temperature control system into them so as to reduce electricity consumption by more than 60 percent, making it possible to annually cut hundreds of thousands of kWh of self-consumption electricity and markedly improve the quality of products,” said section chief Kim Jong Thae. “We also researched and completed a method of producing asbestos plate, which is used to heat-treat high-pressure ducts, with asbestos powder to ensure the normal production of electricity.”

The complex increased steam output by rationally adjusting the water supply and air of the boiler system to meet winter conditions and minimizing heat loss, while remodelling the turbine blades of feed pump to further improve generation efficiency. On the basis of these achievements, it is channelling big efforts to operating turbine generators at full capacity and expanding the output of each generator.

It has overfulfilled the power generation plan for the first ten days of January by 0.3 percent.

By Yun Kyong Il PT

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