Thursday, January 23, 2020

Water Processing Technology Wins Local Patent
According to research information, the cause of all human diseases and their prevention are closely related to water.

So humans have actively used spring water for promoting health.

In the past, the quality evaluation of water largely depended on mineral matters in water.

“Today, it can’t be a correct appraisal of water’s role in rating water quality according to its mineral contents (such five nutritive elements as protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral and vitamin),” said Pak Kwang Il, section chief of the basic energy institute of the University of Sciences.

It is said that even clean water cannot play its substantial role in human body if it is stagnant for a certain period of time.

At present, the activity evaluation based on the hydrogen combination of water molecule has been added to the world’s water evaluating standards (pH, taste, smell and mineral content in water), Pak said.

Now researchers aim to develop “activated water”.

Previously, the activation process of water was only considered as a course in which the degree of association decreases, but it has recently been discovered that the combination structure of water molecule lump plays a decisive role in the activation of water with the research into secondary aging of water being intensified.

Although the study of water activation is under way in different forms, the duration of active performance of water after its active treatment has not yet been discovered.

Recently, researchers of the University of Sciences in the DPRK explained that the hydrogen combination structure of water molecule plays an important role in the aging of water and proved that the activity evaluation typifying the activated water is decided by the ratio between external hydrogen combination and internal hydrogen combination of water cluster.

In the course of this, they found out the stable combination structure of activated water cluster and developed a new activated water generating device which helps make activated water in a dynamic way.

“We did not apply an electrochemical method, but a dynamic method based on water-spout existing only in nature to activating and converting water into smaller one, thereby maintaining the proper characteristics of water and ensuring the activity as natural as the water of falls. We also thoroughly calculated the energy needed for maintaining the activity of water for a long time,” said Paek Myong Guk, one of the developers.

The newly developed smaller molecule activated water is multi-functional and very durable in terms of its function and effect as compared to the previously-developed activated ones and its nature does not change in organic bodies.

It reportedly promotes the circulation of metabolism as it has strong antioxidation ability, improves digestion and absorption, removes unnecessary fat and waste materials, prevents vascular diseases and enhances self-immunocompetence.

The smaller molecule activated water won a national patent and its generating device was registered as a national high-tech product.

By Chae Hyang Ok PT

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