Sunday, October 28, 2012

African Liberation Parties Unity Crucial

Liberation parties unity crucial: Moyo

Saturday, 27 October 2012 19:54
Sunday Mail Reporter

Zanu-PF national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo has emphasised that unity amongst liber­ation movements is crucial in the fight against both colonialism and impe­rialism.

Speaking at the International Solidar­ity Con­ference hosted by the African National Con­gress (ANC) in South Africa last week, Ambas­sador Moyo noted that liberation movements form a formidable force against the machina­tions of Western dominance.

“What is needed, comrades and friends, is to unite to achieve progress. Let us continue to strengthen the ties and bonds build around for­mer libera­tion movements and progres­sive par­ties of the world in order for us to fight neo-colonialism and imperialism,” he said.

Ambassador Moyo said the independ­ence enjoyed by African countries, espe­cially those in Southern Africa, was hard won and needs to be preserved.

“We had to wage a protracted armed strug­gle in order to be free,” he said.

“We indeed brought democracy to our respective countries. We remain mindful of the fact that majority rule in our countries did not come on a silver platter but through the barrel of a gun. Thousands perished, many were maimed, homes and other prop­erty destroyed. Our respective freedoms are not for sale. We are sovereign states and take no orders from our erstwhile colonisers.”

The Zanu-PF national chairman said the Unity Accord signed between Zanu and PF-Zapu was irreversible and a shining example of the solidarity that should exist between lib­eration move­ments.

“Indeed after independence in 1980 the two parties cemented people’s one­ness under the December 22 Unity Accord to form Zanu-PF.

“The accord is irreversible as it was signed by the two great leaders and endorsed by the con­gresses of the said parties,” he said.

Ambassador Moyo said liberation move­ments should now focus on bring­ing about eco­nomic independence to the masses, as new warfare has emerged to undermine the gains of independence.

“Having defeated the enemy on the battle line, the enemy still has great interest in our countries and has waged a new warfare.

“A warfare that seeks to manipulate the very gains of independence we fought in yesteryear. It is a strategy used against all for­mer liberation movements in Southern Africa and beyond. The enemy is much more vicious than he was on the battlefield,” he said.

He said resource-deficient Western coun­tries were targeting resource-rich developing coun­tries “to grab and con­trol them”.

The conference, which was attended by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, also attracted liberation movements from across the conti­nent.

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