Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zimbabwe And Iran Join Forces

Zim and Iran join forces

Saturday, 27 October 2012 19:51
Wadzanai Bara
Zimbabwe Herald

Iran has pledged to assist Zimbabwe in its technological advancement projects in all sectors of the economy.

Iranian Embassy Consular of Sci­ence and Technology Morteza Raste­garan said the pledge would furthAer cement Zim­babwe and Iran’s bilateral relations.

“Our friendship with Zimbabwe goes a long way and is strengthened by the good relationship that lies between our two leaders.

Iran is ready to transfer facets of technology in all sectors of Zimbabwe and we pledge our allegiance to the coun­try by offering any form of assistance needed be it financial, tech­nological, manpower and infrastruc­ture,” he said. Consulate Rastegaran said Iran would work with the Ministry of Sci­ence and Technology in the imple­mentation of the National Nanotech­nology Pro­gramme that was launched last week.

“Progress has already been made in some areas that we intend to cover first in the programme and we would like to reassure the Ministry that we are willing to assist them in any way we can, to make the programme a success,” he said.

Consular Rastegaran said Iran had already implemented a number of nan­o-technology products in Zim­babwe. Nano-technology is the tech­nology that involves undertaking processes and pro­ducing products at the atomic and molec­ular levels: thus yielding unprece­dented levels of refinement, durability and effective­ness.

Popular nano-products today include slim smartphones and flat-screen televi­sion screens. Consular Rastegaran said through Modzone Textiles, Zimbabwe has been able to manufacture nano-tech­nology enhanced clothing that is anti-bac­terial and does not require detergents for wash­ing.

The Iranians have also intro­duced an affordable drug called Imod that boosts the immune system and sup­presses the progression of HIV.

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