Thursday, October 25, 2012

Somalia Resistance Forces Attack US-Backed AMISOM Units Outside Capital

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

Somalia: Somali, AU Forces Battle Al Shabab in Lower Shabelle Region

24 October 2012

Mogadishu — A fierce fighting has erupted on Wednesday between Somali National Army (SNA) backed by the African Union forces and Al shabab fighters in Lower Shabelle region of northwestern Mogadishu, reports said.

The combat broke out after Al shabab fighters attacked on new military bases set up by the allied forces that located between Leego and Yaqbariweyne villages on Baidoa corridor, just 100 Km northwest Mogadishu.

The exact figures on the casualties following the fighting are to be confirmed as the area is remains military frontline for the "Operation free Shabelle", which the AMISOM and Somali forces are struggling to retake all rebel-held positions in the Lower and Middle Shabelle regions.

Local residents told Shabelle Media by phone that AMISOM forces have fired string of mortar rounds into the rural areas near the battle zones believed to be Al shabab hideouts. No deaths reported.

No statement was released by the both warring sides on the fighting and shelling.