Sunday, June 30, 2013

Defected Al-Shabab Leader Refuses to Surrender to the Somalia Government

SOMALIA: Defected Al Shabab leader refuse to surrender to the Somali government

The former Hizbulislam leader in Somalia, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys refused to surrender to the Federal government in Mogadishu, after he defected from the radical group Al Shabaab.
| ON JUNE 29, 2013
Aweys is currently held in the town of Adado which is controlled by the self declared autonomous region of Himan and Heeb.

Last week Hassan Dahir Aweys and his bodyguards escaped from the Al Shabaab controlled town of Barawe in southern Somalia. In a daring night-time escape Aweys and five other men took a boat from Barawe and two days later they arrived in Mudug region.

Forces loyal to the Himan & Heeb administration escorted Aweys and his men to Adado, where he is currently held under house arrest, according to the Himan and Heeb spokesman.

A delegation sent by the President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has arrived in Adado town. This delegation was led by MPs and former members of the Islamic courts union.

Sources in Adado town say, Hassan Dahir Aweys refused to accompany the delegation back to Mogadishu. While the administration of Himan & Heeb have requested him to leave their region.

It is not clear now where the Sheikh and his men will go next.

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