Monday, June 24, 2013

Revised National Youth Policy Launched in Zimbabwe

Revised National Youth Policy Launched

Saturday, 22 June 2013
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail
Shamiso Yikoniko

President Mugabe has officially launched the Revised National Youth Policy in Harare today.The policy provides for common priorities for youth development across Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Youth Council deputy director Mr Tawanda Njerere said the policy seeks to empower young Zimbabweans to participate and contribute to the social, economic and political development of the nation.

“The policy also seeks to develop a coordinated response and participation by all stakeholders including Government, non- government and private organisations for the development of young men and women of the country,” he said

The National Youth Policy was developed in 2000 to provide an enabling framework for the development of youths.

It was, however, later revised to cater for changing world trends.

The Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment worked closely with other ministries as well as United Nations agencies to come up with the revised version.

United Nations Children’s Fund chief of communications Mr Victor Chinyama said the policy provides for the meaningful participation of the youth in all national activities.

“There is also need to provide young people with the necessary education, information and skills for their effective participation,” he said.

The event coincided with the official opening of the 21st Session of the Junior Parliament that was officially opened by the Junior President, Ntando Will Moyo.

Over 5 000 youths drawn from all the country’s provinces attended the event.

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