Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obama Arrest Court Application Struck Off the Roll in South Africa

Jun 26 2013 1:18PM

Obama arrest court application struck off the roll

Dudu Dube
New Age, South Africa

The court application by the Muslim Lawyers Association to have US president Barack Obama investigated and arrested has been struck off the roll on the grounds that it is not urgent.

The Association had lodged the application with the North Gauteng high court for an order forcing the National Prosecuting Authority and the SAPS to investigate crimes of humanity and genocide against Obama. The application relate to the death of many Muslims in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The NPA opposed the application.

This morning, Judge Aubrey Ledwaba ruled that the Muslim Lawyers Association had failed to prove that their case was urgent and should be heard before Friday when Obama is due to arrive in South Africa.

However, MLA spokesperson Yousha Tayob said this was not the end of their case.

"This ruling was only on urgency. The merits still remain to be argued. We are still to decide on whether to take the matter to the Constitutional Court," MLA spokesperson Yousha Tayob said.

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