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Syrians Celebrate 39th Anniversary of Hoisting Syrian Flag in Liberated Quneitra

Syrians celebrate 39th anniversary of hoisting Syrian flag in liberated Quneitra

Jun 27, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)_The Syrians mark the 39 anniversary of hoisting the Syrian flag in liberated Quneitra on June 26th, 1974 with renewed determination to liberate every single grain of their occupied lands.

The day of hoisting the Syrian Arab flag in the liberated city of Quneitra is one of the everlasting days in our contemporary history which crowned the heroism and sacrifices of martyrs and people in October Liberation War 1973.

On this very glorious day, the late President Hafez Al-Assad said: ''All words won't suffice to describe this occasion. I can say in brief that the will of the people is invincible, and the homeland is second to none. We have to pursue preparations as to expel the enemy from every span of the occupied Arab territories. I am confident in victory, future and confident that no power whatsoever can deter us from restoring our rights in full.''

Popular Front for the Liberation of the Golan: Resistance sole way to liberate occupied lands

The Popular Front for the Liberation of the Golan on Wednesday stressed that resistance is the sole way to liberate the occupied lands and restore rights.

In a statement on the 39th anniversary of hoisting the Syrian flag in the liberated Quneitra, the Front said that Quneitra city has become a witness to the savagery of the Israeli occupation forces, adding that the killing, domination and expansion are the essence of the Zionist racist scheme in the region.

The Front said that the 39th anniversary coincides with the victories achieved by the Syrian army in al-Qseir and its countryside, Damascus Countryside and Aleppo and its countryside, adding that these victories honored every Arab citizen who stands by and defend his nation's issues.

"Quneitra was the most prominent evidence of the Syrians' resolve to continue the liberation process that started to crystallize the day late president Hafez al-Assad raised the Syrian flag in Quneitra on June 26th, 1974," the statement affirmed, adding that this process will continue until that historic moment when President Bashar al-Assad will raise the Syrian flag over the Syrian Golan.

People of Golan and al-Qunaitera celebrate the anniversary

Meanwhile, the Syrian citizens in Golan affirmed the inevitability of victory over the enemy and liberating the whole Golan from the Israeli occupation.

"Resistance is our way towards liberation, the victory of the Syrian army today is an assertion that liberation is very near as we wait for the resistant men on the lands of Golan," Bishr al-Mikt, who spent 25 years in the Israeli prisons said during a celebration on this great day.

Other citizens underlined that in spite of the policies of Judaization and repression by the Israeli occupation authorities, the people of Golan will remain committed to the national identity.

For their part, citizens of the liberated city of al-Qunaitera also celebrated the 39th anniversary of hoisting the Syrian flag in al-Qunaitera.

Governor of the city and al-Baath party's secretary in al-Qunaitera appreciated the struggle of the Syrian people and army who defend the homeland's unity and national role.

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