Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Natural Resources Critical for Governance in Africa

Natural resources critical for governance in Africa

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 00:00
Prof James Mbwabwadze

THE United States of America, the world’s giant colossus, with the temerity to trample upon smaller nations, has made frantic efforts to take over Africa by laying siege to the continent’s vast natural resource base, through a more subtle colonialism.

This is done by exerting pressure to African states through regime change and the formation of a military unit, specifically to deal with Africa and control the continent’s oil, land, minerals and other natural resources.

Everywhere where diamond is found, America’s eye turns red with envy and desire to exploit.

Everywhere where there is gold America’s huge muscle twitches and everywhere where there is a revolutionary African leader protecting African interests, America’s regime change antics make it drool saliva.

America has become the self-styled world policeman, with tentacles spreading all over the world in a dangerous and cruel, plunder game that involves military escapades.
Africa is the centre and future ground of natural resources exploitation because it still remains largely untapped and wild.

Ultra-high technology is yet to be used to extract natural resources, hence there is a lot yet to be unearthed and there lies Africa’s source of problems — remaining with what others have already exploited to almost extinction.

The idea of the US is to wipe out all revolutionary parties and replace them with pro-Western governments that will allow America to mine and plunder resources at will.

Under the plan, all revolutionary parties that fought protracted liberation struggles since the Winds of Change period in 1960s must soon be a thing of the past and pave way to a crop of new “democratic political parties” that are manufactured along the lines of Eurocentric democracy.

Democracy, good governance and accountability in the perception and context of America and its allies and not necessarily in the eyes of Africans themselves and the world at large are catchwords pushed down the throats of the rabid media.

That media, which in Africa is called independent media (independent from African thinking), is sponsored to eccentrically demonise anti-Western African leaders while propping up opposition parties created by America and its allies.

To maintain a foothold on this ideology and push forward the agenda, African revolutionary parties are seen as breeding grounds for anti-American leaders and therefore should be decimated.

All revolutionary parties are therefore sold on the international media market as “evil and dictatorial” and hence have no place in modern-day democracy.

In that warped mantra, the new political forces, dubbed democratic forces, are therefore God-sent to remove the evil dictators of Africa and godly allow America to plunder African resources.

Only when you allow America to harvest Africa’s fruits, mine Africa’s minerals, speak their American language, dress like Americans, disrespect African leaders, does one become a democrat and human rights activist. Any perceived harassment by African revolutionary governments then makes the person a hero, who deserves full protection.

Therefore, all progressive-thinking Africans should move in to thwart the militarisation of Africa through Africom — the US superior military command — to enable Africa to operate without lingering military duress.

No African leader can make anti-American decision with an American army hovering above his country. Robert Mugabe, yes, and to a certain extent, and Yoweri Museveni.
The rest do not have the tenacity.

Africa will have no one but itself to blame if it fails to come up with its own military unit for use in trouble spots in order to retains its capacity to defend its sovereignty and independence.

Africom is also a tool meant to protect US interests in Africa, while at the same time, elbowing out other countries who wish to deal with Africa in trade, industry and commerce.

Africa still has untapped uranium, platinum, oil and still has some of the world’s best soils for agriculture, hence America has identified Africa as the pinnacle of future world development.

Africa’s resources should be negotiated and traded on fair deals and not plundered by America, Britain, France or Australia.
They must buy on a willing buyer, willing seller basis. No force!

For America it is critical to plunder and accumulate, in its national strategic reserves, as much natural resources as possible ahead of every other nation, to ensure that it remains the richest nation in the world forever and ever, amen.

The American army cannot just come into Africa openly so it requires conflicts and strife, which it then uses to justify occupation of African countries as peacekeepers, but behind the scenes, America will be mining diamonds, gold, platinum, uranium and so forth and enriching itself at the expense of Africans.


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