Sunday, January 26, 2014

April 6 Youth Movement (Democratic Front) Member Shot to Death in Egypt

6 April member shot dead in downtown Cairo clashes

Ahram Online, Saturday 25 Jan 2014

Sayed Wizza, member of secular 6 April Youth Movement (Democratic Front) dies from bullet wound after police break-up march from Journalists' Syndicate, says group

The 6 April Youth Movement (Democratic Front) has announced that one of its members, Sayed Wizza, died from a bullet wound after police attacked a march from the Journalists' Syndicate in downtown Cairo.

The march of secular and independent groups, opposed to both the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, had left from the press syndicate and began to march to nearby Tahrir Square when they were met by pro-military supporters, resulting in clashes. Police arrived shortly after and dispersed both camps with birdshot and teargas.

Security sources told Ahram Online that at least 300 people have been arrested in today's protests across Egypt.

Way of Revolution Front withdraws from Saturday protests after violence

Ahram Online, Saturday 25 Jan 2014

The anti-military group said its priority is to save the lives of its members following clashes with security forces during Saturday's protests

The Way of the Revolution Front, an anti-military, anti-Muslim Brotherhood coalition group that participated in Saturday's demonstrations on the third anniversary of the 2011 January revolution, has urged its members to end their protests following clashes with security forces.

Police fired teargas and birdshot to disperse a protest by the group in the Giza district of Mohandiseen earlier on Friday. Members later regrouped in downtown Cairo before being attacked again by police.

"The font is urging all of its members and those who answered its call to commemorate the revolution anniversary to completely withdraw [from protests]," the group said in a Facebook statement.

"The excessive force that police forces are using against whoever tried to express their opinion is a major crime ... while at the same time they were protecting their supporters in Tahrir Square.”

Thousands of supporters of the transitional authorities, and particularly of armed forces chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, have gathered in Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Friday afternoon. Police have guarded the demonstration, searching participants entering the area.

"Saving the lives of those who are still adhering to the revolution’s values is a key revolutionary task. Our battles against the regime shall continue," read the statement.

The Way of The Revolution Front was launched last September, aiming to provide an alternative to the ongoing polarisation between the military and Muslim Brotherhood.

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