Thursday, January 30, 2014

French Troops Kill Ten Africans in the CAR

Central African Republic: French Troops Kill 10 Séléka, Report

29 JANUARY 2014

French troops killed about 10 members of the Séléka militia in the Central African Republic (CAR) capital, Bangui, on Wednesday, according to diplomatic sources. A local councillor from a town near Paris has been named communication minister in the new government appointed by Prime Minister André Nzapayeke.

French armoured cars responded when their troops were fired on by members of the Islamic former rebels holed up in the RDOT military camp, the diplomatic source told the AFP news agency, adding that about 10 of the fighters were killed.

Muslims have accused the French military of being biased against the Séléka and not clamping down on Christian anti-balaka armed groups.

Earlier on Wednesday the mayor of Bussy-Saint-Georges, a town near Paris, announced that a member of his local council had left France to become the CAR's communications minister.

Antionette Montaigne, who has joint French-CAR nationality, left to take up her new post on Tuesday after being picked by Nzapayeke, whose cabinet includes seven women.

Montaigne is a member of the right-wing UMP and a representative of the Council of CAR citizens Abroad.

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