Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Details Emerging From U.S. Drone Attack in Southern Somalia

SOMALIA: Details emerging from U.S drone attack on Al Shabab convoy

Posted on January 27, 2014
Mogadishu (RBC)

Details are emerging from a suspect U.S drone attack that hit a convoy transporting senior Al Shabab’s intelligence commander in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region on Sunday afternoon.

According to Al Shabab radio the attack has hit a car transporting Sheikh Sahal Isku Dhuuq, who was a member of Al Shabab’s Intelligence Unit known as “Amniyat”.

Amniyat is a well armed unit responsible for conducting assassinations.

Sheikh Sahal who also uses another name as “Ahmed Abdukadir Camo” has been an active fighter in Al Shabab’s insurgency war. He has enjoyed a close relation to Ahmed Abdi Godane, who is Al Shabab top commander.

The attack has occurred near Haway area, for about a dozen kms away from Barawe, Al Shabab’s stronghold town in southern Somalia.

The drone released at least one missile that directly hit the car and led to its completely destruction, According to one eyewitness not willing to be named for security grounds. No one escaped from there.

According to local sources, the attack came as senior Al Shabab commanders in the southern regions of Somalia were gathering in Barawe town to design new tactics of war against Somalia Government Forces ans the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Somalia Government recently announced a massive assault on Al Shabab’s strongholds in the southern regions. This military assault is expected to start on soon.

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