Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Somalian Outrage Continues Against AMISOM After Accident Killed Taxi Driver

SOMALIA: Public outrage against AMISOM military convoy after the death of Somali citizen in Mogadishu

Posted on January 28, 2014
Mogadishu (RBC)

Public outrage has spread in the main street of Maka al Mukarama in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia after African Union Military [AMISOM] armored vehicle hit and killed a Somali taxi driver in the road of Maka al Mukarama today, RBC Radio reports.

The incident came after AMISOM armored vehicle passed on a wrong way due to traffic jam on the road in the mid day of today leading the vehicle to suddenly hit the man who fell down and dead before anyone could come and help him.

The victim named as Salah Mohamed Nur, 41 was a father of seven young children and a wife whom he was the only bride-winner, according to his relatives.

The AMISOM convoy rudely and carelessly passed their way without even stopping and giving attention to the human dignity.

Shortly after the fatal incident hundred Somali men and women have gathered in middle of the road and blocked there denying and access to other vehicles.

The gathering soon transformed intro public demonstration to denounce AMISOM’s brutal incident as the people noted that there had been several incidents which AMISOM previously hit and killed civilians including women in the past years.

The police then reached the scene and started to disperse the angry mob. The police later announced that they got the AMISOM vehicle which killed the civilian man.

The access of the road was now resumed as a press statement from AMISOM head condoled the fatal incident.

Somali interior ministry also said they were very upset on the death of the civilian and promised full investigation into the incident.

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