Sunday, April 23, 2017

COSATU Will Be Marching on May Day
Cosatu will be marching on May Day to demand the removal of Helen Zille as the Premier for her racist endorsement of Colonialism The call for her removal will also focus on the refugee slurs that she dished out in Cape Town, as she tries to keep the City and the Province white preferential area. Besides the obvious racist statements of Zille, she is also applying a more subtle form of racism, through the following actions:

She orders the employment of mainly whites as consultants, so she can avoid employment equity issues. She spends more money on white schools so white learners have better prospects than black learners.

She ensures that the old white areas have much better landscaping and servicing than black areas. The march will also call for the removal of President Zuma for the bad leadership he has shown, to the ANC and to the country. The march will also focus on the CEO's of the companies who defrauded our people by their collusive business practices and the stealing of public funds. They stole from the poorest of the poor through price fixing around bread and chicken.

We will use this march to expose the hypocrites who claim they will march for the future of the country when it comes to Zuma violations, but they won't march against Zille violations and the violations of the CEO of corrupt companies. They are really just intent of destroying the democratic project to redistribute stolen funds under apartheid to the masses of our people in South Africa. We want to put the issues of workers and the poor on the agenda to be dealt with urgently, as these are the issues of the most concern to the majority of South Africans. Some of these people who march today has never marched against racism or white corruption and has never called for greater equality and fairness in the country. They pretend to be speaking for all South Africans, when really they are just speaking for the maintenance of the white privilege, and those BEE brothers who they bought. They are in a squabble with the other thieves who are now stealing from the state coffers with Presidents Zuma help.

We will march for the things that pain us, and for all the unjust things consistently, not pick and choose the injustices that suits some. Cosatu is inviting all democratically minded people to join the march against racism and for equality and social justice across the land.

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