Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DPRK Developers of Popular Program
Nowadays a new program is winning the public favour. It is Him (power), a general knowledge quiz program developed by the Information Technology Institute of the Cutting-edge Science Research Centre affiliated to Kim Il Sung University. This program is conducive to remarkably deepening the special and general knowledge, thus it is popular with the people of all social strata. The program research team has already produced The Boy General, a game program for smart phones, earning reputation from the users including the children.

When I asked the motive for the development of Him, researcher Kim Song Nam told the following story.

In December 2015 Kim, on his way back from work, was on the escalator of the underground with two students who were familiar with him. They were on their way back home after seeing the national general knowledge contest of university students. While talking about their impression of the contest and discussing an efficient method of study, one of them abruptly asked Song Nam whether it could be possible to develop a program on the general knowledge to suit the current IT era. At the moment a novel idea flashed into his mind.

He thought that if a program which would help acquire the information on special and general knowledge and could be installed in cell phones, was developed, it would be a great aid to people in learning better knowledge faster without reference to books at any time.

The next day he suggested his idea of developing such a program to his institute. It gained the unanimous support from all researchers. Soon, they started the development of the program.

Repeated discussions were made on the matter of the form of program. Kim Kwang Ju, one of chief developers, said, “Imagine there is a high peak, and it would be good to climb with a determination to reach the summit of it without fail. But I think that it would be better to conquer the peak with pleasure regarding mountaineering as a kind of hobby. Changing learning into such a kind of hobby is what I think is appropriate to the purpose of the program for cell phones.”

Now they decided to develop the program in the form of quiz. Believing that most people would have their own interest in at least one or two fields they set diversified fields and added popular books. The experienced teachers of several faculties of the university including the history faculty and the literature college, who had been jury at the general knowledge contest of university students several times, rendered service to the development. When the researchers developed the program with their painstaking effort, they decided to name it Him, which means knowledge is treasure and power. As soon as it appeared, it became a great favourite with the public, causing a sensation.

Kim Kwang Ju says, “Today the users of our program say that it helps them have knowledge with pleasure, and that it is better than other amusement programs. They request us to develop new versions of it. To meet their demand we will develop popular programs in greater numbers so as to actively encourage all people to learn asiduously.”

Kim Chol Ung

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