Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Guarantee for Victory
In November 1936 President Kim Il Sung met people who visited a secret camp with relief materials for the anti-Japanese guerrilla army. He appreciated the materials associated with their delicate workmanship and sincerity, and spoke highly of them for their readiness to aide the army.

He said: Unity is precisely strength and major guarantee for victory. The enemies are most afraid of that broad sections of people will be united in one. Nobody can check such unity, if they rise against the Japanese imperialists and their stooges in an organizational way, banded together.

Looking at the people in great excitement, he continued: People’s sincere assistance to the guerrillas is a great inspiration to them in their struggle to wipe out the vicious Japanese imperialist gangsters.

The Japs will surely go to ruin before long, whereas the revolution will certainly emerge victorious.

However, the Japanese imperialists will never die out of their own accord. Therefore, when all the Korean people fight out against them, firmly rallied as one behind the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland, they can achieve victory.

The visitors expressed their firm determination to achieve historic cause of national liberation without fail through their concerted efforts with the guerrilla army, true to the noble intention of Kim Il Sung.

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