Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ever-victorious, Iron-willed Commander
The great leader President Kim Il Sung of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was the ever-victorious, iron-willed commander who led the Korean people to emerge victorious in the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953).

The Fatherland Liberation War was the war the Korean people fought against the armed invasion by US imperialism, the chieftain of the world imperialism, and its lackeys and defended their national sovereignty and independence.

The United States, having boasted of being always victorious in its war history of over a hundred years, provoked a war against the DPRK that was less than two years old. On the US side were the troops of 15 vassal states, south Korean army and even the Japanese militarists.

Korea, which had been liberated from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists only five years ago, was weak in military and economic potentialities beyond compare.

However, the victor in the fierce, three-year war was none other than the Korean people.

During the war President Kim Il Sung, shouldering the responsibility for the destiny of the country and people, powerfully roused all the service personnel and people of the country to the unprecedented heroic resistance and put forward the Juche-oriented military ideas, adroit strategy and tactics, and original combat methods. He thus led the whole course of the war along the road resplendent with victory.

At the beginning of the war he set up a unique, well-organized wartime system to cope with the sudden invasion, made sure that the army and people displayed their spiritual strength to the maximum and built the powerful motive force, thus providing a sure guarantee for the victory in the war.

In the whole course of the war he gained a detailed insight into the military and political situations and their developing trends, the balance of forces, the characters of enemy’s operations and the situations of war. On this basis, he fixed the strategic stages of the war in a scientific way, clarified the correct strategic and tactical policies at each stage and detailed tasks for their implementation, created the Juche-oriented strategies and tactics, original combat methods, and employed an outstanding and seasoned art of command. Under his leadership the aggressors that were far superior numerically and technically were destined to fall like a setting sun and the US imperialists were put on a downhill passage towards ruin, their myth of the “mightiness” being shattered to smithereens.

The President always took the initiative in the war through brisk activities of the Juche-oriented military diplomacy, frustrated the enemy’s attempts for an “honourable ceasefire” and the use of atomic bombs, thereby saving mankind from the nuclear holocaust and the peoples in Asia and the rest of the world from the danger of a possible third world war.

The immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung performed for the times and history by leading the Fatherland Liberation War to victory will go down in the history of Korea and the history of liberation struggle of mankind.

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