Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Under the Leadership of Brilliant Commanders
The glorious 85-year history of the heroic Korean People’s Army bears witness to the parental affection the great Songun commanders bestowed on the service personnel.

On April 25, Juche 21 (1932) President Kim Il Sung founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, the first Juche-type revolutionary armed force, with the fine sons and daughters of the Korean people. During the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle for 15 years he always took good care of his soldiers like their dear father and trusted them, bringing them up into dignified revolutionaries and indomitable fighters.

In the difficult days of ceaseless battles and marches, he personally taught illiterate soldiers how to write their names and portioned out even a cup of parched rice flour to them.

His ardent love for human and ennobling revolutionary comradeship were cherished deep in the minds of the KPRA soldiers as the unshakable revolutionary faith to be kept to their dying breath, and encouraged them to emerge victorious in the anti-Japanese war and achieve the historic cause of the national liberation.

In the grim days of the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950 - July 1953) fought against the armed invasion of the US imperialists, he said that every combatant was the irreplaceable treasure and his revolutionary comrade-in-arms, and gave an order to take good care of them before issuing a battle order to the KPA units.

Greatly encouraged by his trust and affection, the KPA soldiers laid down their young lives without any hesitation to achieve victory in the war, shouting “For the Party and the leader!”, “For the motherland and the people!” and “Don’t yield even an inch of land to the enemy!”

Inheriting the warm affection for and trust in the service personnel cherished by the President, General Kim Jong Il ceaselessly inspected the army units on his journey of Songun-based revolutionary leadership. He regarded his soldiers as revolutionary comrades-in-arms linked with the ideology and purpose and kinship, far transcending the subordinate relationship between the Supreme Commander and the soldiers.

The General never hesitated to cross the rugged Chol Pass and Mt Osong and brave stormy sea to inspect the army units on the frontline posts and islands, wherever his soldiers were.

He even felt the thickness of the padded uniform of the soldier on combat duty in a forward observation post and took affectionate measures to supply the soldiers with unstitched padded clothes so as to prevent a cold draught from coming in through stitches.

In the embrace of the General to turn the whole army into a unit of comrades with affection and trust, the service personnel have grown up to be brave warriors with unyielding spirit and staunch defenders of the socialist country.

Affection for and trust in the service personnel are continuously shown by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, another brilliant Songun commander.

Saying that what he believes in is not the modern military hardware, like guns or rockets, but the dear rank-and-file soldiers and that the Supreme Commander, as well as the officers, exists for them, the Supreme Leader regards the service personnel as his revolutionary comrades-in-arms and comrades.

When inspecting the army units and posts, he sees first the rank-and-file soldiers, acquaints himself with their living conditions and takes necessary measures. Caring for their innermost thought to be reluctant to part with him, he has photos taken with them for a long time, standing every one of them next to him.

Under such meticulous care of the great leaders for the service personnel that continues from one century to the next and generation after generation, the heroic Korean People’s Army is displaying its might as an invincible army.

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