Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bright Future for DPRK Children
They say the future of a country depends on its children. Children are the icon of the future of the country. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has recently achieved a lot in education of the rising generation by reconstructing a lot of schools and universities and introducing modern educational facilities and methods. Ryomyong Primary School in Taesong District can be cited as an epitome.

Gardeners of Future

Primary school days, when people start to develop their intellectual faculties and cultivate the bud of their talent, constitute an important part of their life. Thus, teachers who are in direct charge of education of pupils are often likened to gardeners of flowers.

You should be an excellent gardener—this is the creed of the teachers of Ryomyong Primary School.

They devote all their efforts and enthusiasm to the work of finding out the pupils’ aptitude and talent and improving educational methods and content to suit their psychological features. All of them spend every minute after school studying how to improve teaching methods while exerting themselves to enhance their ability in accordance with the developing times.

The school has created dozens of experimental apparatuses and teaching aids including a mosaic map puzzle and an electric balance. By making effective use of walls of corridors and classrooms, it set up educational pictures suited to the pupils’ minds. Recently it made dozens of electronic visual aids and multimedia programs and applied them to educational practice. Meanwhile, it established a perfect teaching system based on an intranet, thus laying a firm foundation to develop the educational work as required by the IT era.

Hong Kwang Ok, headmistress of the school, says, “I think it needs a lot of efforts to rear young pupils who have a poor outlook on the world. As a song goes lest he gets wet, lest he gets cold, it is hardly possible to cultivate beautiful flowers without devoted love and care. So I often tell teachers to become gardeners of the future.”

Where Hopes Bloom

Pupils of Ryomyong School, which always resounds with the sound of their reading, have great hopes.

Kim Kuk Bong from class 2-5 is nourishing a hope to be a famous football player while playing football with their friends in the school’s playground with artificial grass.

Han Thae Ung from class 3-2 is proud of his two literary works he presented to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. He says that he will be a poet who will praise the beauty of his country.

Kim Hyon Song from class 4-6 says, “I have a dream of being a scientist who develops everything. So I usually visit the natural science laboratory after school. It is part of my daily routine.”

The pupils nurture fantastic dreams in the music and dance room with merry piano sounds, in the swimming pool with clear water, in the English lab, and in the IT-studying room. The school has created all environment and conditions for realizing their dreams and hopes. It occupies more than ten thousand square metres of area, consisting of two modern buildings, the aforesaid playground, a swimming pool and a studying park, over 40 classrooms and more than 10 study rooms.

Children’s smiles and their beautiful hopes are symbols of happiness of their country. Smiles and hopes are valuable things that are vested in only those children who are the happiest in the world.

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