Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sinister Intention of US to Re-deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons into S. Korea Disclosed
A spokesman for the Institute of American Studies under the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on September 15 as regards the fact that the Trump administration is publicizing through the media the “possibility of re-deploying tactical nuclear weapons” into south Korea and developing an up-to-date miniaturized nuclear bomb of low-intensity:

Recently, NBC  and other  American press reported that the  Trump  administration is currently examining various plans  for  developing  an  up-to-date  miniaturized  nuclear  bomb  of  low-intensity  to  deal  with nuclear threats posed by the DPRK,  Russia and  other countries, and that it would  not  rule out  the  option for re-deploying tactical nuclear weapons into south Korea in case the south Korean “regime” so requests.

The fact that the deliberate leakage of the information about tactical nuclear weapons by the Trump administration coincides with its moves to impose heinous sanctions and pressure and intensify military threats against the DPRK, raises an alarm at unleashing an actual nuclear war by the US on the Korean peninsula.

The US has generated the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula by deploying more than 1 000 nuclear weapons in south Korea from the 1950s and turning it into an outpost for a nuclear war, and has posed constant nuclear threats and blackmail to the DPRK.

In the early 1990s, as the international support for the just anti-nuclear, peace policy of the DPRK and its sincere efforts increased, the US declared the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from south Korea, but it has never stopped threatening and blackmailing the DPRK with various nuclear assets.

Explicitly speaking once again, the continuous nuclear threats and blackmail and vicious hostile policy of the US towards the DPRK are the very reason the DPRK gained access to nukes and strengthened its nuclear force for self-defense.

Besides, the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, which are meant to be used for actual warfare beyond the purpose of mere deterrence, into the Korean peninsula vividly reveals the ulterior intention of the US to provoke at any cost a nuclear war on this land.

The attempt of the US to re-deploy tactical nuclear weapons into south Korea and develop an up-to-date miniaturized nuclear bomb is targeted at its strategic rivals in the region as well as the DPRK, and it will aggravate the tension in the Korean peninsula and the region and instigate intense arms race.

The nuclear threat of the US, which is growing evermore vicious, propels the DPRK to continue the development of all means of counterattack, including tactical nuclear weapons, to the highest level and at the maximum speed and faster deployment of these means ready for action.

The US, which gave rise to the nuclear  issue of the Korean peninsula  and pushes  the nuclear confrontation with the DPRK to the brink of explosion, shall be held responsible for all the consequences to be entailed by it.

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