Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Snowden’s EthiopiaLeaks: Reading Between the Lines
Edward Snowden’s politburo for secret documents has finally begun to
release NSA files on the highly classified (and not so highly
classified) activities of the USA in Ethiopia. In an article in The
Intercept by veteran Horn of Africa journalist Nick Turse we find the
latest chapter of another long awaited expose of the role of Pax
Americana in Ethiopia.

The NSA documents released show the US military was secretly running
an anti-terrorist intelligence gathering operation for many years in
Ethiopia. The lands surveilled include Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.
Conspicuously absent from the documents is any mention of Eritrea,
Ethiopia’s neighbor and arch enemy.

When you read between the lines you find that  Eritrea is under UN
Security Council Sanctions for allegedly supporting terrorism in
Somalia in the form of Al Shabab. But no mention is made of Eritrea in
the top secret cables of the US Army’s Intelligence Division when it
comes to anything to do with terrorism in the Horn of Africa. If the
US Army is not concerned about any link between Eritrea and terrorism
then shouldn't this be a word to the wise on the matter?

This should be the final nail in the coffin of the decade old tall
tale of Eritrea as a supporter of terrorism (as Cuba was so slandered
for decades).

Snowden’s EthiopiaLeaks follows in the footsteps of  Wikileaks
Ethiopia File where we find now Acting Assistant Secretary of State
for Africa Donald Yamamoto way back in 2007 saying that Eritrea’s
involvement in Somalia was “insignificant” (“Wikileaks Exposes UN
Eritrean Sanction Lies”).

Later Wikileaks exposed how the UN Security Council Sanctions against
Eritrea passed on Christmas Eve, 2009 were crafted by, amongst others,
the US State Department’s Economic Sabotage office aimed as preventing
international funding for Eritrea’s mining industry start up gold mine
in Bisha and had nothing to do with any alleged support for terrorism
as in Al Shabab in Somalia.

Now we have Snowden’s EthiopiaLeaks showing that no matter the lies
told in public by the US State Department and their allies at HRW and
Amnesty International, the US military wasn't buying any of it and
didn't waste any time in wild goose chases concerning Eritrea and
support for terrorism ie Al Shabab.

End of Story? No…in Nick Turse’s article he interviews Felix Horne,
Horn of Africa specialist for HRW who along with Amnesty continues to
insist that once upon a time Eritrea was supporting the Al Queda
branch Al Shabab in Somalia. Never mind Wikileaks, never mind Snowden
Leaks once a lie is told never admit what you have claimed is not
real. This is so true of those who once surrounded Barack Obama and
Hillary the Terrible and of course, their minions in their incestous
relationship with Human Rights Watch. We are talking about Tom
Malinowski and his “special relationship” with Hillary Rodham Clinton
(HRC) and her Mafia, when he wasn't serving as Horn of Africa
specialist et al at HRW.

HRW to HRC to HRW to HRC, who could tell who he was working for. The
guy who was so blatantly pro-Pax Americana while switch hitting for
HRW that he caused numerous Nobel Peace Laureates to publicly protest
in an Open Letter to HRW?

One thing Nick Turse’s article didn’t mention is the not so secret
AFRICOM Drone Assassination and Surveillance Program long based in
Ethiopia. Hopefully Snowden's EthiopiaLeaks files will have something
on this for as recently as February 2015 an AFRICOM drone fired a
cruise missile from Ethiopian airspace that struck an arms depot in
the Eritrean town of Decamhare. Apparently wreckage from the drone was
found identifying it as a cruise missile of the type used mainly by
Predator drones in their assassination campaigns.

We find the hand of AFRICOM again in June of 2016 when Ethiopia sent a
couple of their army divisions across the border into Eritrea at
Tsorona where a major battle took place. AFRICOM’s role was so blatant
that the Eritrean government issued an all to rare public statement
condemning such.

So here’s to more juicy tidbits from Snowden’s EthiopiaFile, maybe
something that exposes a major crime or two will surface, we have
given up finding any senior criminals being named and shamed a la Phil
Agee. It has taken a while for EthiopiaLeaks to see the light of day
and hopefully there is much more to come.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook or
best reach him at thomascmountain@gmail.com .

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