Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ridiculous Behavior of South Korean Regime for Relying on Sworn Enemy of Nation
The south Korean puppet regime is tightening political and military nexus with Japan in response to the measures for bolstering the nuclear force taken by the DPRK for self-defence.

Much upset by the consecutive launches of intermediate-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 over the Japanese archipelago, the chief executive of south Korea frequently exchanged phone calls with Abe in which he called for "increasing the pressure on the north to the extremes" while expressing "deep sympathy and concern" and talking about an "outrage against a neighboring country".

At the third East Economic Forum-2017 in Russia some time ago, he held a talk with Abe where he mentioned the urgency of close relations between south Korea and Japan and even let out such rubbish that Japan's past crimes "should never be a stumbling block in improving the bilateral relations."

It is in the extension of this pursuance to Japan that the abolition of past crimes including the crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army were shunned and the validity of an agreement on protecting military intelligence between south Korea and Japan was extended despite the strong protest and denunciation by the public at home and abroad.

It is nothing surprising that the puppet forces are taking to flunkeyism and treachery to retrieve from its clumsy position strategically inferior to the DPRK.

Irony is that they are resorting to Japan whose situation is nothing better than them, the island country hardly breathing within the striking range of the nuclear force of the DPRK.

It seems that the puppet forces do not mind even the sworn enemy to get rid of a pretty fix just like a drowning man catching at a straw.

The American master whom they relied so much is snubbing them as they fail to play its role, being at a loss how to carry out its north Korea policy.

Recently the owner of the White House called the Japanese prime minister to discuss the DPRK's measure for bolstering nuclear force, leaving south Korea in the cold. He even posted an article openly criticizing the south Korean chief executive on twitter, bringing shame to him.

The US is even pushing the puppet forces into a corner, under the pretexts of revision of the south Korea-US "Free Trade Agreement" and THAAD deployment.

The support rating for the present chief executive of south Korea has been on a rapid decline at a time when it is threatened politically, economically and militarily from neighboring countries due to THAAD.

The puppet forces have now set aside national sentiment and historical issues and have gone desperate in their moves for political and military nexus with Japan, a poor struggling to get rid of predicament.

We can never overlook the sinister intention of the puppet forces keen on maintaining the stand-off with the DPRK to the last by stepping up the building of the US-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance through nexus with Japan.

The puppet forces are begging for "security" while clinging to outsiders, but it will only aggravate their poor situation.

The US and Japanese masters are finding it hard to support themselves in the face of the might of the nuclear force of the DPRK that has been remarkably bolstered.

So miserable is the plight of the puppet forces, unable to find a wall to lean against under the present changed situation.

The puppet forces have to clearly understand that no masters will risk their lives for stooges.


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