Thursday, September 21, 2017

NLC, TUC Reject ULC’s Calls for National Strike in Nigeria
By Kayode Ekundayo, Lagos
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 18 2017 2:00AM

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), however, has rejected the seven-day ultimatum, issued by its parallel body, United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC), saying the proposed strike is meant to blackmail the federal government with the ultimate goal of obtaining registration.

In a joint press statement signed by the NLC president, Ayuba Wabba and Trade Union Counterpart, Bobboi Bala Kaigama, said the ULC consists of NLC’s colleagues who are trying to take advantage of the unstable security and industrial relation situation in the country to increase the tension and give bad name to trade unionism.

“Nigerians need to know that they are not a legitimate organisation recognised by the laws of our country. They are largely a collection of individuals who find it difficult to accept the will of Nigerian workers, as very clearly demonstrated during the March 12-13, 2015, election that took place at the
Eagle Square, Abuja in which they were roundly defeated”.

ULC which is being led by Joe Ajaero, a former vice president of NLC last week issued a seven-day ultimatum after which the union shall embark on Industrial actions.

The ultimatum expired last week Friday.

“We urge the Federal Ministry of Labour and workers to discountenance the threats of this illegal association. The ministry must be steadfast in upholding the laws governing trade union practice in the country”, the unions said.

“Since their failure in the March 2015, 10th delegates conference of the NLC, these individuals have tried to use every tactic to destabilise the industrial relations scene in the country. First they tried to factionalise the NLC, and for almost two years were parading themselves as factional leaders of the NLC. When they realised that they were largely ignored by Nigerian workers and the Nigerian people, at the beginning of this year, they dusted up the name of one of the four trade union centres that in December 1975 voluntarily merged to form the NLC, and now purports to have become a new Labour Centre in the country, called the United Labour Congress.”

Part of the 11 demands by ULC from the federal government include immediate inauguration of the national minimum wage negotiating committee, withholding of registration certificate of the ULC be stopped and the certificate released forthwith so that the nation’s Industrial Relations clime will be made more inclusive and robust.

Others were an immediate review of the Privatisation of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to save Nigerians the agony of suffering under the suffocating darkness which the GENCOs and DISCOs have foisted on the nation.

ULC said federal Government should  honour its 2009 agreement with  ASUU quickly and commence negotiations  and immediate inclusion of all representatives of labour in the various committees, Agencies and Directorates of Government and not singling out just one centre for these purposes negating the tenets of the nation’s Laws. Any of such appointments that have been done contrary to this, we demand an immediate reversal.

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